Global Seven

18 September 2013


Wednesday September 18...very intersting to see the DJIA in the up mode in the short term system yet it has given a medium term sell signal...also interesting to see XAU and HUI both declining on the short term system but both have given a buy signal on the medium term system. CRB Commodities index has indicated that it is going down in the short term...


CRUDE +6,  CRB INDX +5, EUR +4,  USDX +3, DJIA +2, GOLD +1, TBOND 0,  ....DJIA slipping with USDX lifting and EUR slipping...TBONDS remain most oversold and WTI CRUDE most overbought

Comparative Performance Against Strongest

Sectors measured against the strongest (CRUDE):FALLING> DJIA 2, EUR 1, CRB INDEX 1, GOLD 0, TBONDS 0, USDX 0

Comparative Performance Against Weakest

Sectors measured against the weakest (TBOND): RISING<  GOLD 27, USDX 100, CRUDE 100, DJIA 100, CRB INDEX 100, EUR 100

Medium Term Trend, 5 week Direction Indicator (DI) and 34 week Overbought (100)Oversold (0) Indicator (OBOS)

USD INDEX   trend falling ...DI declining...OBOS indicator falling 13.0
CRUDE            trend rising...DI rising...OBOS indicator rising 99.7
DJIA               trend rising ...DI turned down...OBOS indicator now declining 96.0..RSI diverging
CRB INDEX    trend rising...DI rising ...OBOS indicator rising 95.0
EUR                 trend rising...DI starting to fall ...OBOS indicator overbought 99.9...RSI diverging
TBONDS          trend declining...DI declining...OBOS indicator oversold 0.0
GOLD              trend declining... DI turned down...OBOS indicator oversold 0.2


 The information contained on this website must be viewed as trading advice is intended. Global Seven has 7 components and they are measured against one another ...on the Scorecard a score of +6 means that the sector in question is stronger than the other 6...and 0 means that that sector is being beaten by the six...Comparative Performance Against Strongest shows the position of the other components as they fall with 0 being oversold ...conversely Comparative Performance Against Weakest shows the performance of the other componenets as they rise with 100 being overbought...for more information on how the model works click on to Keep in mind that the system is based on daily data so is only valid for short term movements. And keep in mind this good advice from Grant Williams: "Tune out the noise and focus on the signal." You can be advised whenever a new blog is posted....just complete the "Contact US" tab.