Global Seven

23 October 2012

Global Seven has 7 components and they are measured against one another ...a score of +6 means that the sector in question is stronger than the other 6...and 0 means that that sector is being beaten by the six.

There was a change in the scorecard Friday: USD INDEX +6, TBONDS +5, EUR +4, DJIA +3, CRB INDEX +2, GOLD +1, CRUDE 0...USD INDEX strongest ...CRUDE (WTI) still weakest

Comparative Performance Against Strongest

Sectors measured against the strongest (USD INDEX):FALLING> TBONDS 84, EUR 82, GOLD 42, DJIA 37, CRUDE OIL 7, CRB INDEX 6....

Comparative Performance Against Weakest

Sectors measured against the weakest (CRUDE): RISING< CRB INDEX 92, USD INDEX 94, TBONDS 96, DJIA 97, EUR 98, GOLD 98

Yesterday we looked at USD INDEX/TBOND ratio because on the short term model scorecard the USD INDEX is now rated strongest having displaced we are going to look at CRUDE, it is the weakest, to see if there is any chance of price on to