On February 23 I posted a blog entitled "Dow Triggers Short Term Buy Signal"...the index closed the day prior at 16621 and yesterday closed at 17717, a gain of 6.6 percent...the forecast was that the Dow could rise "until the last week of April." A look at the the daily chart of the Dow shows that it could encounter resistance around the 18000 level but there is as yet no signal to sell. What is interesting is that many commentators have been pointing at the strength in the gold price but take a look at the chart below of the DJIA/GOLD bottomed on February 11 at 0.1257 and yesterday closed at 0.1444 which means that the Dow has since beaten gold by almost 15 if you are impressed by gold's performance you should realise that the Dow is behaving better. The ratio is still in the rising mode with the forecast indicating that it should keep rising until April 15 at the vvery least. When the model triggers a reversal it will be time to buy gold and sell the Dow...I shall give you the signal when it is given on the system.